Knight Shift

Knight Shift

Pop, Rock, Rockabilly, Rockin Blues

From Elvis to Sinatra to Jimmy Buffett, this guy does it all. He's been playing music for over 30 years: guitar, bass, drums, steel guitar, dobro, harmonica, piano...vocals.

Since he can't play them all at the same time, and since good drummers and bass players are hard to find AND expensive, he has incorporated all of his songs, bass and drum backing tracks into his keyboard.

With a multitude of musical contacts, watch for surprise guests, vocalists, guitarists, saxophones to drop in.

Why pay big bucks for a 2 3 4 or 5 piece band when you can get similar results with him...

Let the party begin!

Having fun... That's what it's all about... :)

*** Returning to SW Florida after COVID-19 ***


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