Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools

Dead, Folk, High Energy Dance, Jam Band

Ship of Fools is a Grateful Dead tribute band performing the full spectrum of the GD library. Each show followes in the tradition of the GD - three shows, three unique set lists. Vendors, hoopers, fire poi as space allows, a true Greatful Dead experience! The core band is:
Nate Howell - Lead guitar/vocals
Turner Moore - Mandolin/synth/vocals
Ed Knaust - Rhythm guitar/bkgrnd vocals
Alex Shames - Bass/Drums
Michael Hoffman - Bass
Additional members at times include:
Peter Wolf - Bass
Michael Miller - Rhythm/Vocals
James Varnado - Drums
Dan DeGregory - Drums
Steve Duerst - Bass
Alan Gilman - Bass
Michael Edwards - Bass
TJ Glowacki - Bass
mike Hoffman - Bass
Berry Duane Oakley - Bass/Drums
Jeff Arevalo - Bass/Drums
Garrett Dawson - Drums
Gavin Michael - Drums
Jamie LaVecchia - Drums
Andrew LaCroix - Drums
David Dessauer - Drums
Gabe Strange - Drums
Mike Fender - Drums
Special Guests have included:
Dana Lawrence
Thorson Moore
Matt Frost
Pedero Arevalo
RJ Howsen
Shaun Oakley
Mark Trishka
Sudie Brattli
Greg Voorhees
Duane Betts
Come join us for our next show - Fun Time Guaranteed!

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events scheduled.

Previous Events

Venue Date
Mattison's City Grille Downtown Sarasota
Wed, June 10
7:00-10:00 pm
White Buffalo Saloon
Fri, April 3
Stottlemyer's Smokehouse
Sat, February 22
Darwin Brewing Company
Sat, December 21
7 to 10 pm
Growler's Pub
Sat, December 7
9-1 Ship of Fools Night @ The Mable