Regina Bonelli

Regina Bonelli


Inspired by early Blues and R&B legends of the 60's and 70's, Regina began singing and playing piano at the tender age of five. Ten years later, after picking up a guitar, she was performing. As the years went by, she had two children and raised them on her own. Life and love gave Regina more than enough inspiration to sing the blues. She has written the songs, both music & lyrics, on her stunning debut recording "Open Up the Door." World-acclaimed bluesman Michael Hill produced and plays on the record, along with some of the country's premier musicians. This collection of tunes represents modern blues with a ton of soul and storytelling at it's finest. This album has been a #1 Pick To Click and featured in the "Rack Of Blues" on Siriusxm BB King's Bluesville radio and is still receiving airplay worldwide. Regina's scorching vocals, songwriting and keyboard playing are garnering worldwide attention. She is writing and recording. Her new release will be out soon!

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Fri, October 25, 2019
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Ft. Myers

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