Local Raw Honey

Local Raw Honey

Acoustic, Americana, Folk, Jam Band

An Eclectic night of music...

Pure Floricana. Americana music with that Florida flavor. They're sweeter/ tastier than fresh squeezed orange juice. They are a local raw Jam band that flows like honey. You never know what they are going to play or who will stop by for a song. Always different and fresh.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events scheduled.

Previous Events

Venue Date
Sertoma Youth Ranch
Fri, November 22
11am Antemesaris People's Party
$50-$80 Donation
Comfort Inn Northeast-Gateway
St. Petersburg
Sat, July 27
8-9pm Poisonville Songs Project
San Ann Liquors (aka Ralph's)
San Antonio
Fri, May 31
Blue Note
Sat, May 11
7-11 w/Tatoo Annie
Sertoma Youth Ranch
Fri, December 14
11am Antemesaris Peoples Party
$50-$80 Suggested Donation