Strangled Darlings - Touring Band

Strangled Darlings - Touring Band


The music is built on deep sense of rhythm and groove. Mandolin like you’ve rarely ever seen, somewhere between a snare drum and a slalom of notes. The solid body custom cello weaves an intricate counter melody and and percussive groove. The voices and the lyrics are the hidden third member of the band and the story behind the music.The songs work with nontraditional subjects for inspiration. Some song subjects include: the works of great authors (Faulkner, William Blake, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Donald Bartheleme, Anna Ahkmatova) as well as witchcraft in the Civil War, the morality of Somali piracy and the media impact of Neil Armstrong.

From: Portland, Oregon

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Previous Events

Venue Date
Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe
Fri, March 22
10 PM
Point Ybel Brewing Company
Ft. Myers
Fri, March 23
8:00 p.m.
210 Tavern
Thu, February 25
Dunedin Brewery
Thu, January 28
Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe
Fri, January 22
10:00pm Duo