Hollis Brown

Hollis Brown

Rock, Southern Rock

Hollis Brown is an American Rock ‘n’ Roll band. Named after a Bob Dylan song (“The Ballad of Hollis Brown”), the band was formed by Queens-natives and songwriters Mike Montali (lead vocals/guitar) and Jonathan Bonilla (lead guitar). Both 2nd-generation immigrants (Italian-American and Puerto Rican-American, respectively), they soon found their musical brethren across America, recruiting Andrew Zehnal (drums) from Cleveland, Adam Bock (keyboard/vocals) from St. Louis, and Scott Thompson (bass) from Boston.

“People really need to show up early to hear Hollis Brown. They are just an unbelievable live band.” -Adam Duritz of Counting Crows in The Boston Herald

“…maturing into their own kind of Southern Rock, all emanating from a New York garage.” -Q Magazine

“Most impressive is that Hollis Brown makes it all seem easy. The five piece gels as one and the music rolls off them with the confidence, control, and dedication of a band on their fifth album, not their second.” -American Songwriter

“So what is it that finally put Hollis Brown on the map? Who cares. Point is, we’re all hooked.” -Elmore Magazine Inactive as of 2/1/18

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Fri, August 12, 2016
8pm      $7/$10      
Thu, August 11, 2016
8:45 pm, with Great Peacock      $10