Henry Lawrence

Henry Lawrence


Henry Lawrence became a superstar at a young age, when he became an offensive tackle for the Oakland/LA Raiders. 6'4" in height, the image of Henry Lawrence screaming and charging on a football field captured the attention of many football enthusiasts. Football is a rough and tumble sport, and requires absolute dedication. Henry was one of the greatest players to grace the field. The pounding takes its toll, however, and most players retire with injuries at a fairly young age.
Henry Lawrence (born June 29, 1951, in Danville, Pennsylvania) is a retired professional American football player. A two-time Pro Bowler, he played in the National Football League for 13 seasons as an offensive tackle with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders. He played in Super Bowl XI and was a starter in, Super Bowl XV and Super Bowl XVIII for the Raiders earning three Super Bowl Championship Rings. Lawrence is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. At the 2010 Alpha Phi Alpha Convention, Henry was the recipient of the Jesse Owens Achievement Award for his athletic excellence.This year, Henry was inducted into the Florida Sports Hall of Fame. Lawrence will join a litany of football giants, who were either born in Florida or reached their greatness playing in college or professionally in the state. Among those inducted last year was Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks.
Henry has managed to survive the sport, and also to build a community of young people that will be survivors. The Henry Lawrence Youth Foundation is one of his most important projects. Henry feels that nurturing the youth of our nation is something we all have to do.
After 3 Superbowl rings, and many All Star games,Henry returned to his first love, Music. Those who have followed Henry's career know that he has performed in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Bermuda, Japan, England, Italy, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic....and the list goes on. Henry has appeared in films as well, making a cameo appearance with Cuba Gooding and Anthony Hopkins in "Instinct". and starred in the film "Lithium Springs."On these pages, we hope to share some of that magnificent talent with you.

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