Greg White Jr.

Greg White Jr.

Country , Reggae , Rock , Southern Rock


Greg's love for music began when he was a child; as night fell and the crickets called out across the yard of his home in Chesapeake, VA, he would tune his radio to the local station and fall asleep to the sound of country’s finest. While in elementary school, Greg penned simple poems and even won a contest or two. As the years went by he began turning the poetry into songs. He’d sing them for his mother on the way to football practice; she would urge him to sing louder, telling him that one day many people would be listening to his music. Who knew her words would become a reality?

Greg's first band, Those Rowdy Boys, consisted entirely of fellow U.S. Navy personnel. For Greg, it was an honor to play with those gentlemen. He feels truly blessed and thankful to have had the experience. Greg even had the pleasure of playing and singing country music for folks in Japan... "Tokyo has a wide variety of people who turn out for shows and jam nights; they always appreciate a good show. And they love country music!"

So far, Greg has had the privilege of opening for Raelynn (The Voice) at San Diego’s Sleep Train Amphitheater and the iconic Deana Carter (Strawberry Wine) with his San Diego based band Desert Edge at the legendary Coach House. Together with his producer Mark Charles Hattersley and bandmate Ron Elliott, he wrote a tribute to America's wounded veterans, Fullest Life, which has earned three distinguished awards, including a nomination for the 2016 Hollywood Music and Media Awards and a top 10 in the 2016 John Lennon Songwriting Competition.

Greg's first EP, Long Road, has been released worldwide. The group of fantastic musicians who contributed to the project helped Greg create a record that rocks while honoring the country traditions that got him started in music so many years ago.

"I hope you’ll take the time to give it a listen! Those who do really seem to enjoy it," says Greg.

In 2016 he moved from sunny San Diego, California to tropical Tampa, Florida. He is currently attending Full Sail University on his way to a Masters degree in Entertainment Business. In 2017, Greg earned his undergrad in Music Production from Full Sail. He has committed himself to become a professional at business, songwriting, performing, and recording. Lord willing, He'll have many more opportunities to share his musical passion with the world.

You are invited to accompany him as the journey continues!

So far in 2017, Greg has had the privilege of performing for the USO San Diego's and the Vision of Children Foundation's annual fundraising events. He has participated in multiple fundraising events in Tampa also including the Elk's Lodge Veteran fundraiser and a charity event for victims of Hurricane Irma in Key West, FL. His new single, Tonight I'm Drinking Alone, has been released worldwide and it is just the beginning of his next album, Four Wheel Dr.!

2018 has been wildly successful including a tour on board the brand new Norwegian Bliss cruise ship!

It is Greg's desire that his musical career helps support the Military, Veterans, and those in need whenever possible!

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Sun, November 10, 2019
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