Jason Frilot (free-low) started writing music ten years ago in his hometown New Orleans, Louisiana. Performing solo for years, he released two albums "Barstool Preacher" and "Soul System", both available on iTunes. He eventually joined forces with Jeff Guitar Nelson, a well known and talented musician, as they shared the same positive intentions to change the world around them via the power of music. At the time, the two fused Folk/Hip Hop and Blues/Rock to form "Frilot & The Franchise" and began to play all around New Orleans with Frilot's longtime friend and multi-talented musician Darel Poche of Enharmonic Souls. In late July of 2011, Frilot and Nelson hit the road for their first tour together. "Our tour intinerary was based on serendipity and the manager was The Universe", says Frilot, as he explains how the first stop was Dunedin, Florida where they met locals that welcomed their arrival with true hearts. Everything started to fall into place extremely fast and all the signs pointed to Florida. About a month into the journey, Frilot and Nelson found Palm Harbor, Florida native and classically trained reggae bassist, Justin Pearl-Morakis, and Jamaican reggae drummer, Raymon Eldridge. The chemistry was instant and they all decided to persue the dream as a reggae band called Freelow. They started playing around the Florida area and eventually played a show in St. Petersburg where they met percussionist and drum circle leader, Kathy Roberts. She was a perfect fit for the band so she naturally became a part of the movement. Freelow has grown a lot in short time and continues to grow as love and light are the foundation of their goal.

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Fri, March 31, 2017
9pm to 12am      
St. Petersburg
Sat, October 15, 2016
8pm w/Vessoul      $5      
St. Petersburg
Fri, July 29, 2016
Fri, July 22, 2016
St. Petersburg
Thu, July 14, 2016
St. Petersburg